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529 Download (.zip)
aa Download (.zip)
accept_language Download (.zip)
Ajax_PHP Command Shell Download (.zip)
AK-74 Security Team Web Shell Beta Version Download (.zip)
ALFA.SHELL.V2 Download (.zip)
ALFA.SHELL.V2.5 Download (.zip)
ALFA.SHELL.V3 Download (.zip)
angel Download (.zip)
Antichat Shell v1.3 Download (.zip)
Antichat Shell. Modified by Go0o$E Download (.zip)
Antichat Shell.php Download (.zip)
Antichat_Shell_v1.3 Download (.zip)
aspx Download (.zip)
aspydrv Download (.zip)
Ayyildiz Tim -AYT- Shell v 2.1 Biz Download (.zip)
aZRaiLPhp v1.0 Download (.zip)
b374k.php.php Download (.zip)
b374k.php Download (.zip)
b374k-2.7 Download (.zip)
b374k-mini-shell-php.php Download (.zip)
backupsql Download (.zip)
beyaz_hacker Download (.zip)
c0derz shell [csh] v. 0.1.1 release Download (.zip)
c99 Download (.zip)
c99_locus7s Download (.zip)
c99_madnet Download (.zip)
c99_PSych0 Download (.zip)
c99_w4cking Download (.zip)
C99madShell v. 2.0 madnet edition Download (.zip)
C99madShell v. 3.0 BLOG edition Download (.zip)
C99Shell v. 1.0 beta (5.02.2005) Download (.zip)
C99Shell v. 1.0 pre-release build(safe-mode) Download (.zip)
c99unlimited Download (.zip)
c100 Download (.zip)
CasuS 1.5 Download (.zip)
cgi Download (.zip)
cgitelnet Download (.zip)
cmd Download (.zip)
cpanel Download (.zip)
Crystal shell Download (.zip)
Crystal Download (.zip)
CrystalShell v.1 Download (.zip)
CTT Shell Download (.zip)
ctt_sh Download (.zip)
cw Download (.zip)
CWShellDumper Download (.zip)
Cyber Shell (v 1.0) Download (.zip)
Cyber Shell Download (.zip)
cybershell Download (.zip)
dC3 Security Crew Shell PRiV Download (.zip)
Dive Shell 1.0 - Emperor Hacking Team Download (.zip)
dq Download (.zip)
DTool Pro Download (.zip)
Dx Download (.zip)
DxShell v1.0 Download (.zip)
DxShell.1.0 Download (.zip)
ekin0x Download (.zip)
erne Download (.zip)
ex0shell Download (.zip)
fatal Download (.zip)
FaTaLisTiCz_Fx Download (.zip)
ftpsearch Download (.zip)
funcinc Download (.zip)
g00nshell-v1.3 Download (.zip)
g3 Download (.zip)
Gamma Web Shell Download (.zip)
GFS web-shell ver 3.1.7 - PRiV8 Download (.zip)
GFS Web-Shell Download (.zip)
gfs_sh Download (.zip)
GFS_web-shell_ver_3.1.7_-_PRiV8 Download (.zip)
go-shell Download (.zip)
GRP WebShell 2.0 release build 2018 (C)2006,Great Download (.zip)
h4ntu shell [powered by tsoi] Download (.zip)
hiddens shell v1 Download (.zip)
hxpshell Download (.zip)
iMHaBiRLiGi Php FTP Download (.zip)
iMHaPFtp Download (.zip)
ironshell Download (.zip)
JspWebshell 1.2 Download (.zip)
KA_uShell 0.1.6 Download (.zip)
kacak Download (.zip)
KAdot Universal Shell v0.1.6 Download (.zip)
kral Download (.zip)
lamashell Download (.zip)
links Download (.zip)
Liz0ziM Private Safe Mode Command Execuriton Bypass Exploit Download (.zip)
liz0zim Download (.zip)
load_shell Download (.zip)
Loaderz WEB Shell Download (.zip)
login Download (.zip)
lolipop Download (.zip)
lostDC Download (.zip)
Macker's Private PHPShell Download (.zip)
magiccoder Download (.zip)
matamu Download (.zip)
megabor Download (.zip)
micro Download (.zip)
Moroccan Spamers Ma-EditioN By GhOsT Download (.zip)
myshell Download (.zip)
Mysql interface v1.0 Download (.zip)
MySQL Web Interface Version 0.8 Download (.zip)
mysql Download (.zip)
Mysql_interface_v1.0 Download (.zip)
mysql_tool Download (.zip)
MySQL_Web_Interface_Version_0.8 Download (.zip)
NCC-Shell Download (.zip)
NetworkFileManagerPHP Download (.zip)
NFM 1.8 Download (.zip)
NGH Download (.zip)
NIX REMOTE WEB SHELL Download (.zip)
NIX REMOTE WEB-SHELL v.0.5 alpha Lite Public Version Download (.zip)
nshell Download (.zip)
nst Download (.zip)
nsTView v2.1 Download (.zip)
nstview Download (.zip)
NTDaddy v1.9 Download (.zip)
PH Vayv Download (.zip)
PHANTASMA Download (.zip)
PHP Shell Download (.zip)
php-backdoor Download (.zip)
php-findsock-shell Download (.zip)
php-include-w-shell Download (.zip)
pHpINJ Download (.zip)
PHPJackal Download (.zip)
phpRemoteView Download (.zip)
php-reverse-shell Download (.zip)
PhpSpy Ver 2006 Download (.zip)
PHVayv Download (.zip)
Predator Download (.zip)
Private-i3lue Download (.zip)
pws Download (.zip)
qsd-php-backdoor Download (.zip)
r00t Download (.zip)
R0XEM ShElL Download (.zip)
r57 Download (.zip)
r57_iFX Download (.zip)
r57_kartal Download (.zip)
r57_Mohajer22 Download (.zip)
r57shell Download (.zip)
r57shell1.40 Download (.zip)
r57shell2.0 Download (.zip)
r57 ,php,jpg,rar,zip,mp3,ram,gif Download (.zip)
robots Download (.zip)
rootshell.php Download (.zip)
Rootshell.v.1.0 Download (.zip)
ru24_post_sh Download (.zip)
s1 Download (.zip)
s2 Download (.zip)
s72 Shell v1.1 Coding Download (.zip)
sa Download (.zip)
sadrazam Download (.zip)
Safe_Mode Bypass PHP 4.4.2 and PHP 5.1.2 Download (.zip)
Safe0ver Shell -Safe Mod Bypass By Evilc0der Download (.zip)
safe0ver Download (.zip)
shellzx Download (.zip)
SimAttacker - Vrsion 1.0.0 - priv8 4 My friend Download (.zip)
simattacker Download (.zip)
simple_cmd Download (.zip)
Simple_PHP_backdoor_by_DK Download (.zip)
simple-backdoor Download (.zip)
SimShell 1.0 - Simorgh Security MGZ Download (.zip)
Sincap 1.0 Download (.zip)
Small Web Shell by ZaCo Download (.zip)
small Download (.zip)
SnIpEr_SA Shell Download (.zip)
SnIpEr_SA_Shell Download (.zip)
soldierofallah Download (.zip)
sosyete Download (.zip)
spygrup Download (.zip)
STNC WebShell v0.8 Download (.zip)
stres Download (.zip)
toolaspshell Download (.zip)
tryag Download (.zip)
Uploader Download (.zip)
Web-shell (c)ShAnKaR Download (.zip)
WinX Shell Download (.zip)
Worse Linux Shell Download (.zip)
wow Download (.zip)
wso Download (.zip)
zaco Download (.zip)
zacosmall Download (.zip)
zehir4 Download (.zip)
ZyklonShell Download (.zip)
! Full Archive OF All PHP Shell ScripTs ! Download (.zip)
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CMD Shell Download (.zip)
CMD Shell 5.1 Download (.zip)
CyberSpy5 Download (.zip)
global Download (.zip)
! Full Archive OF All ASP Shell ScripTs ! Download (.zip)
<< ASPX Shell ScripTs >>
CMD Shell Download (.zip)
attack3r Download (.zip)
global Download (.zip)
ps Download (.zip)
shell Download (.zip)
! Full Archive OF All ASPX Shell ScripTs ! Download (.zip)
<< PERL Shell ScripTs >>
dc Download (.zip)
Perl Web Shell by RST-GHC Download (.zip)
perlcmd Download (.zip)
perl-reverse-shell Download (.zip)
! Full Archive OF All PERL Shell ScripTs ! Download (.zip)
<< JSP Shell ScripTs >>
cmdjsp Download (.zip)
jsp-reverse Download (.zip)
! Full Archive OF All JSP Shell ScripTs ! Download (.zip)

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